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yes:id SDK

Instantly enhance your app's customer onboarding and identity management.

We enable app developers to integrate different yes:id components into their mobile and web apps. SDK enablement includes biometrics (face, finger, voice) and ID Verifications (OCR, IDChecks) . You can enhance your customer onboarding process in a matter of hours. Click to demo the latest version of our public available demo. (Please note only restricted features are available on the demo platform).

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  • What are the minimum required Specifications?
    yes:id SDK supports a wide range of devices and applications including iOS, Android and Web. For image capture and processing it is recommended that at least 5 mp cameras are used. Due to compatibility issues, our SDK is constantly updating to support latest version and operating systems.
  • What platforms are supported?
    Android, Web and iOS platforms are supported by the SDK. Current demo platforms exist for Android and Web, iOS is coming soon too!
  • What uptime is available?
    You should expect 24/7 uptime, in case of any maintenance or service disruptions, you will be notified of maintenance windows up to 72 hours prior to such events. Such events will try and ensure minimal disruption if at all this is to occur.
  • Where is data stored?
    No customer specific information is stored by the SDK, aside from service level information that allows us to track usage by the client. All information is passed through the you (the client) for your consumption. Usage of our SDK is consent that you are familiar and conform to the data and consumer protection frameworks and requirements of your jurisdiction. You are fully responsible and liable for this. You may refer to the terms & conditions for more details (
  • What data is retained by yes:id?
    yes:id only stores and gathers meta-usage data to help us improve our service and transactional computation for billing and reconciliation purposes. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details (
  • What support is available for integration?
    Our goal is your successful implementation of the SDK module into your platform. We have technical teams ready to help you based on the packages selected, please refer to the integration support available for your package. For any specialized and additional support please contact
  • What billing methods are available for SDK modules?
    Currently, each package is charged on a pre-purchase basis through online payments. If you would like specialized billing, please contact
  • Do you provide refunds?
    Unfortunately, all orders are taken as final. If you would like to upgrade your account prior to using the transactions in your package, pre-existing payments can be used as future credit within 6 months of your order.

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